A Bief Synopsis of Expertise:

Multi-industry business and technology expert and executive accomplished from experience within each layer and telecommunications networks connecting a wide range of small, medium and enterprise businesses operating locally, regionally, nationally and/or multi-national business. Major disruptive foundational technologies beginning from concept and deployed into operations which have subsequently been accepted by telecommunications operators worldwide.

Analyzed past, current, mid-term and long terms business metrics and systems architectures designed for scaling future capacity with glocalization strategies to develop ancillary business profit centers. Began a career as a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer and subsequently advanced into several executive positions and expanded into global business management for existing and/or start-up business units.

Development and management of many business structures in the public and private sectors while leading and collaborating with all types of functional specialists, executive boards and government. Local and global glocalization expertise resolving development tasks/functions, strategies, planning, implementation and execution of business systems and conversing with all tiers of expertise from government / international consulates, business management, and specialty trades. Traveled to many countries, states, and provinces in five continents while optimizing local to global/cloud to ground issues as a Glocalization Strategist.

Deployment of telecommunication networks of each layer of converging and evolving networks from the operator, integrator and equipment supply side of the industry in most continents. Leading cross-industry innovations, convergence, collaboration and strategic business management with a focus on the restructuring of operational procedures in view of scaling scope of business.

Integrated advanced systems and strategy consulting to private and public sector for capital project deployments. Received B.E.Sc (Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada and multiple certificates per ongoing career development programs from various industry sectors. Ongoing multi-jurisdictional law studies of the municipal level silos to functions of the World Court for the glocalization business unit.

Manages diplomacy and agility in relationships with any specialist or generalist at any tier providing glocalization strategies in business sectors requiring conversion, transformation, innovative concepts to operations, offline to online operations, Internet of Things, Services & People, network cloud to byte, and many other business modalities integrated with past, present and forward-thinking advanced business systems and solutions. Maintain relations with Consulates, government, directors, research, and development personnel, engineers, licensed professionals, financiers, accounting, legal, craftsmen, administrative and industry alliances, principals and partners.

Advanced information technologies & construction developer for sustainable systems and new business development. Challenges legacy systems with cross-industry and glocalization strategies and perspectives. Expensive experience in master planning, directing and implementing of physical to application layers of networks, cellular/wireless, cable/broadband, utility, competitive access, railway, satellite and other business sectors.

Directed global and local business systems; P&L optimization, project management, costs management, business development, administration, project financing, security, accounting, engineering estimates/audits, marketing, sales, e-commerce, internet marketing, transfer technology, logistics, distribution, maintenance, information technologies and turnkey integration services.

Other areas include energy systems, petroleum re-refinery, gasification, solar, wind, transitional conversion systems, global commerce/import-export, value chain management, time and motion/robotics, intellectual property development, web-development/video marketing, e-commerce, cloud-based systems, Internet of Things, Services & People, brand development, preventative healthcare nanotechnologies, construction management, and real estate development.