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Glocalization & Collaboration


One of the many unique strategies applied in the concept of glocalization is applicable during the intermittent fluctuation of world economies. Glocalization form of collaboration readily comes into play as the lifeline of businesses at the verge of bankruptcy. It can lead to the restructure of existing business model and operation in order to achieve positive result which can also be replicated in other parallel businesses.

This is a growth oriented model, it creates a vast business opportunity versus working in an isolated business model which connotes a unprincipled lack of understanding of the benefits of forming business alliances between parallel industries. There may be fluctuations in the quest of advancing collaborations between industries in the same circle; in such a case, new business circles could be formed to further the advancements.

Collaboration facilitates the understanding of the intricacies of businesses directly or indirectly related to one another; this can be used in improving the operational methodologies of one?s business leading to improved efficiency and revenue potential. The strength or weakness of a business within the same business circle has a reverberating effect on other business within the same circle. When businesses are fully aware of the end to end process and appreciate the position they occupy in the business circle, it can then fine tune its services and products such as to enhance the business results of other preceding or sequel businesses entities within the same circle. This concept of business awareness is a subset of glocalization that shall be discussed in details in future articles.


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