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Valentino Demicher was granted a Coat of Arms and descriptive parchment directly from the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire in 1686.

Charles Demicher re-kindled the spirit of its Demicher Family history from its sense and purpose to do so and upon his return from extensive travels and research within Czechoslovakia. In 1985, registered the Coat of Arms with the Canadian Heraldic Authority, Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.

Valentino Demicher was granted recognition by Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I for his valiant results in protecting the lives of women and children, its communities and homes during the Great Turkish War. Charles Demicher continues to transformed these core values of its family lineage into the development of innovative projects fostering self sufficiency of People. We are each an image of God and have a purpose and great skill to contribute to the World. Together we reach the goal to inspire forward progress in business and personal life. Charles Demicher’s Glocalization expertise is a blend of these core values.

CHARLES DEMICHER is a registered trademark of the United States Patent & Trademark Office and are trade name and copyright in other jurisdictions.

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