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Glocalization – Collaborate & Evolve Business


Sharing of information and resources in the cycle of turnkey implementation opens a new realm of possibilities that is hitherto unknown in the standalone business environment. Before a collaborative arrangement could be fully implemented, there is usually a predefined modus operandi pertaining operational policies and delegated routine engagements. Consequently, the organization within the same cycle to enhance each other’s strength; grow together as they achieve their respective corporate goals. This is an important aspect of glocalization which we will concentrate on in due course.

Ultimately, this is a controlled sharing of information at all levels (molecular to macro) while maintaining the integrity of data shared in order to protect intellectual property. However, the nucleus of collaborative efforts in business is focused products, services and systems in view of enhancing process to increase productivity. If collaborative process is deployed the right way, it facilitates a general growth for all businesses in the business cycle.

The modus operandi of a business can be conveyed through the mission, objectives and core values of the organization. A new standard that govern organizational practices should be determined and implemented. This will enhance a common values, logistic process, methodology, delegation procedure and reward system within the organizations of the same business cycle. The result is evident in delivery of cognitive content that is void of complications.

Sharing of knowledge in every single task engaged in is an integral aspect of glocalization. The addition of glocalization perspective into a set of tasks that are involved within a particular milestone will require some internal adjustment of the global business strategies. This adjustment within each organization in the business cycle is required in order to operate optimally in the localized environment where the organization is located. It is important to note that the optimal operation of each organization in the local environment adds its quota to the overall transforming effect of the global business strategy that enhances an all-inclusive accelerated progress.

Sharing of knowledge base from the molecular level of business through all other levels of the organization as a whole enhances evolution in business. This in turn results in new opportunities hitherto unprecedented. The businesses that implement the controlled open knowledge sharing make rapid progress compared to their counterparts that do not embrace these elements glocalization.

Hence, the quote noted by Dave Thomas, is a universal truth; “Share your success and help others succeed. Give everyone a chance to have a piece of the pie. If the pie’s not big enough, make a bigger pie”.



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